Secure data wiping

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Deleting files and formatting storage devices is not enough to guarantee that the information stored is permanently erased.

In Technology Services Ltda. we are aware of the risk of information leaks that this may imply for businesses and individuals, so using applications with advanced technology, we delete all data certifying that they are destroyed in a completely safe and definitive way.

These applications meet the rigorous standards of the US Department of Defense.

Magnetic media destruction

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Transportation, destruction and waste disposal for magnetic media in an environmentally responsible way.

Currently obsolete magnetic media generates waste that is considered cause of environment and health risk. These waste generated from the migration of the information contained in the magnetic media to new storage systems, establish an environmental issue of particular importance due to its ever-increasing amount.

In Technology Services Ltda. we work closely with our clients to develop new strategies, plans and programs to provide the most appropriate destination to the waste generated according to their characteristics, quantity, volume and components.

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